I like to define myself as an inventor.
This, first of all, means I constantly and relentlessly feed new ideas to help them grow and become something real. Secondly, this puts me in the position of saying I have fulfilled my childhood dream.

My passion for innovation drives my daily life, bringing all my effort in everything that can be considered new, not yet existing, disrupting.

As inventor, I’m obviously also an investor. I invest my time and my money to make innovation come to life and to the world. I invest in ideas in order to shape them, make them concrete and give them legs to make this a better world.

I work with researchers, institutions, engineers, mainly with people with great ideas, in order to help them find the perfect fit between potential customers and their value proposition.

I’m a computer engineer with several IT and project management certifications, founder and co-founder of several start-ups.

















Passion for innovation. In Naples.

By far one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Remocean was founded in 2010, after ten years of joint research activity between the IREA-CNR institute in Naples and the INSEAN institute in Rome.

Remocean has developed complex algorithms able to measure sea state parameters using X-band radars.

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I have been thoroughly impressed with Vincenzo. He has a remarkable ability to inspire a group toward a common goal using a sophisticated communication style which inspires the entire team, not just the sales function. He is dedicated and committed with an uncanny ability to understand complex information and repackage it for consumer consumption. And if that is not enough, he is a joy to work with!

Tracey (Raymond) Guest

I've always been impressed from Vincenzo's intuition and brilliant intelligence. He is very enterprising, hungry reader and curious. This makes his project management skills more and more qualified. He is a precious colleague but first of all a great friend. I do definitely recommend Vincenzo for any kind of PM and team leading work.

Gabriella Carrozza

Vincenzo is the kind of person that knows how to manage resources and people: the kind of employee that easly take control of a department, also not being the former chief, and quickly grow up in the company control side.
Being also a sociable person, it make very easy for people to rely on him and quickly feel confident and relaxed to work with him.

Ivan De Marino

Business Administration

Master Unicredit Talento delle Idee: Business Administration, Finance, Communication, Leadership and Project Management.

Technology Transfer

Management of Technology Transfer – Progetto F.I.O.R.I. University of Naples “Federico II”

FP7 Projects

Management of VII Framework Programme EU funded projects Studio Cippitani, Di Gioaccino, Iozzolino.

Information Security

Lead Auditor of security management for information systems – ISO IEC 27001 (BS 7799-2).


PRINCE2 Certification for Project Management (PRojects IN Controlled Environments)

EU Project Management

Administrative management of FP7 projects APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca europea.

Passion for innovation. In Naples.

By far one of the most beautiful places on earth.