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Probably my search for the perfect task and project management tool will never have an end. But it surely had a stop when I found Asana.

I’ve been testing asana in the last month and I think it is really a new way of intending task and project management.

I think asana is a sort of open workflow management system that is capable of adapting to hundreds of different needs.
I’m actually struggling in finding which is the best way to use it as project management, task management, CRM, recruiting platform, and so on. There is a huge number of different ways you can make asana adapt to your personal needs and company workflow!

Here are some key elements that are convincing me to switch my entire life/business management to asana:

  1. Workspaces: you can create different workspaces for each area of your life. These can be PERSONAL, SOCCER TEAM, MYCOMPANY, etc. The way I thought to use workspace is the following. For my company I’ve created one workspace for each area: e.g. MYCOMPANY – ADMIN, MYCOMPANY – MARKETING, MYCOMPANY – CRM, MYCOMPANY – R&D. The admin workspace contains all administrative stuff, including projects called Marketing meetings, Admin meetings etc., where each meeting is represented by a task which has meeting notes in the notes field. The CRM workspace has four projects: Contacts, Leads, Prospects, Customers. Each project contains tasks, one for each name/contact/client which moves up and down the CRM pipeline. Of course you can share worspaces with your team and PERSONAL workspace with your family.
  2. GTD: Although it is not evident in the first place, it follows the David Allen GTD system. You will have upcoming, later or today tasks. Also the deadline field makes it easy to sort tasks by deadline or upcoming tasks. You and your team can also choose to “follow” or “unfollow” a project in order to receive email notifications about due tasks.
  3. Tags, people, projects: each workspace has its own people, tags and projects. In this way it is very easy to know what a single person is working on, or which tasks in which project have upcoming deadlines, and so on.
  4. Interface: a Facebook man and a Google man, could only create a stunning user interface. Web 2.0 from the heart, zero learning curve, easy to customize and clean interface give asana that magical plus that really is missing in some way too complex web-based task management systems.
  5. Reliable: since I know that for many of you putting all your task management system is kind of crucial, the company has to be reliable. With its 10M $ raised in funding and with the team behind it, I think you can sleep well at night.
  6. Customizable: there is no ONE way to use asana. You can give space to your imagination and create the way you want to work with asana. You can have one workspace for each area of you company, create projects for each area, use projects as single customers for CRM (if you have big customers that require multiple actions), use it for bug tracking, trouble ticketing etc. And even if you have decided how to use it, it is pretty easy to change your mind since you can convert tasks into projects, convert projects into tags, or tasks into priority headings (another way to organize tasks and subtasks).

So have fun and let me know what you think.