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I’ve been using asana since a few months now and I think it is really one of the best task management tools on the market right now. I like the way they keep rolling out new features and improvements. Among them, they have just rolled out subtasks. You might think this has been already out there for many other competitors, but I believe asana’s way of managing subtasks is a step beyond the state of the art.


I believe this is especially true if you’re using asana as a lightweight CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sharing actions on prospects and clients among your team o with your customers directly. 

As I have explained in one of my previous posts, I have been using asana as a simple solution to manage customer relationships.

More in detail I have created 4 different projects:

  • CONTACTS: where I have a simple list for companies or people I have never contacted before that could be potentially interested in my products and services. Each contact is a tasks. Each task has an assignee, in order to have everyone on the team responsible for that single contact.
  • LEADS: here I have people that have already been contacted in some way (email, phone call, meeting, etc) and that could be interested in my products. One task per lead.
  • PROSPECTS: here I move the LEADS when they have been contacted and are in some way interested in my products. Some may call this section NEGOTIATION, since in some cases these people have also received a formal quotation for the products and services they are interested in. One task per prospect.
  • CUSTOMERS: these are paying customers, that have gone from the CONTACTS project to this one. Also here I have one task for each customer.

With the new subtask feature you are now able to assign a task for each single category mentioned above. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple actions to take on a single PROSPECT or CUSTOMER. Also, I was happy to find out that you can also have a different assignee for subtasks. This is very good in my case, where I have one person who has final responsibility for a customer but I can assign a single task on that customer to someone else.
Each subtask has also its own tags and deadline sections.
Strange enough each subtask can also have… subtasks! This is still something I have to find out how it works and why it’s there.

I would love to hear your stories on ways to use asana (or any other productivity tool) for customer relationship management.