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I believe fitness bracelets and fitness gadgets in general will have a real boom in 2013. 

The market is already presenting some interesting technology for active people and sportsmen, but also for the ones who would like to become more active and need to lose some wight.


The most interesting gadgets we can find today are bracelets.
These are nice looking pieces of hardware covered usually by black or colored rubber, that you can wear to keep track of all your movements and activity during the day.
Here is a (growing) list of what you can find today:

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As the number of emails has grown from a few a day to a few hundred a day, many of us have struggled in finding the best email client. THE email client that could help us to stay on top of our Inbox.

As I bet many of you also did (please post your comments or beloved email software name), I probably installed and tested the majority of the email clients available on the planet.   


At the beginning I was looking for fancy, features-rich email clients that could help me with productivity and with the zero inbox philosophy.
Then, I came to the conclusion that if your email client is too complex you have several drawbacks: Read More


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As Mac fan and enthusiast, iPad has always been the only Apple product that has never excited me. Being almost as big as a MacBook Air 11′ and definitely larger than an iPhone, I often wonder why I bought it!

More than once I’ve tried to make a business trip only with my iPad, leaving my laptop at home. 

 ipad mini

No doubt my hand luggage was lighter to carry and I was happier to walk around the city after work with my backpack.

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For a project management, task management, GTD geek like me, the new Mountain Lion’s Reminders app is just not enough. As you may have read from my previous posts, I’m always searching for the perfect project management and task management tool to boost up your productivity and your sharing needs with colleagues and family. And Reminders is not the right tool.



I have to say that one of the most relevant tricks about task management and GTD is to be flexible!
So, if you are flexible enough you can take advantage of the new Mountain Lion app.

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I have tested and fully used now dozens of project management and task management tools.
I think that each has several winning features and several weak points. The one I’m using right now (asana), is the one that it is closer to my ideal task management system out there.


But no, unfortunately I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… and still are looking for the ideal task management and scheduling tool.

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I’ve been using asana since a few months now and I think it is really one of the best task management tools on the market right now. I like the way they keep rolling out new features and improvements. Among them, they have just rolled out subtasks. You might think this has been already out there for many other competitors, but I believe asana’s way of managing subtasks is a step beyond the state of the art.


I believe this is especially true if you’re using asana as a lightweight CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sharing actions on prospects and clients among your team o with your customers directly.  Read More


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What if you are a super hero in project management, task management, GTD and fancy new technologies for managing your work and your team prefers pen, paper and doesn’t know what Getting Things Done is.
I know this can became quite frustrating and make you feel alone on the super organized GTD world with those wonderful tools you paid and you are the only one using.

Project management2 copia

Well, there are two things you have to understand:
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Probably my search for the perfect task and project management tool will never have an end. But it surely had a stop when I found Asana.

I’ve been testing asana in the last month and I think it is really a new way of intending task and project management.

I think asana is a sort of open workflow management system that is capable of adapting to hundreds of different needs.
I’m actually struggling in finding which is the best way to use it as project management, task management, CRM, recruiting platform, and so on. There is a huge number of different ways you can make asana adapt to your personal needs and company workflow!
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As our lives get busier and the world gets faster, our workload seems to be just too much some times.
Web apps are getting faster, better, with incredible user interfaces and maybe similar or even better than stand alone local applications.

These two statements above seem to have nothing in common, but in my view they both led to the increasing number of quality web-based task management tools.

Being a fan of David Allen’s GTD methodology, I’ve always tried to apply the method using software tools that could be better than the old pen and paper.
Just a few years back, finding a task management software was a quite hard task itself, especially on a Mac.
Today, I think that choosing the “right one” for you has become a stressful experience because there are too many!

When I started using these task management tools I basically didn’t have much choice. The first ones I’ve used where:

– OmniFocus
– Things
– Remember The Milk Read More


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Since efficiency and productivity is almost always measured in time, optimizing our time is one of the most challenging adventures of our days.

I’ve been using several different project management applications in the last few years, but I must say that their learning curve and usability benefits is not always worth the price.

On the other hand I’ve discovered several low cost (or free) apps the are excellent companions for your time management needs.

Being a Mac guy, I’ve used Omnifocus and Things for a while. They are great tools but lack cloud computing and collaboration features. That’s why I went back to the nice and clean Remember The Milk web app, with excellent versions for mobile devices. Using it to its full potentials, with an intelligent tags and lists organization, I believe it is a great GTD and productivity enhancer.

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