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I believe fitness bracelets and fitness gadgets in general will have a real boom in 2013. 

The market is already presenting some interesting technology for active people and sportsmen, but also for the ones who would like to become more active and need to lose some wight.


The most interesting gadgets we can find today are bracelets.
These are nice looking pieces of hardware covered usually by black or colored rubber, that you can wear to keep track of all your movements and activity during the day.
Here is a (growing) list of what you can find today:

  1. Nike Fuel band: this is what I wear today, but mostly because I had little choice. When I got it a few months ago, some if its competitors still were not around.
    Obviously it integrates with Nike+ applications (app for your smartphone) and online services. When you log-in to your Nike account you can now see your runs or your daily NikeFuel activity.
    Basically you can track NikeFuel (which is Nike’s measure of how much you move), steps, calories and … time! Yes, you can also see what time it is.
    If you set a daily NikeFuel goal you can see how good you are doing during the day.
    When I used it together with the Nike+ app for iPhone during running sessions I noticed that both steps and calories match.
  2. Jawbone UP: I believe this takes movement tracking a step further. With Jawbone UP, you can do all the above plus you can track your sleeping cycles. With the iPhone app you can see how well you sleep, how long you sleep and when is the best moment to wake up. In fact, based on your movements in bed, Jawbone UP can also wake you up at the right time by vibrating the bracelet. If you set a waking time range, it can avoid waking you up during the REM phase, which is the worst time to wake up. 
  3. Fitbit: Fitbit comes with two products: One and Zip. One also does some sleep tracking. Both of the products are very similar to the ones described above, but are not bracelets. They are small clips you can put on your belt or on your shirt.
    Fitbit’s mobile apps let you also track eating habits by inserting what you eat into the app. Nice.. but I think rather annoying..