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As Mac fan and enthusiast, iPad has always been the only Apple product that has never excited me. Being almost as big as a MacBook Air 11′ and definitely larger than an iPhone, I often wonder why I bought it!

More than once I’ve tried to make a business trip only with my iPad, leaving my laptop at home. 

 ipad mini

No doubt my hand luggage was lighter to carry and I was happier to walk around the city after work with my backpack.

But in all these trips I had at least one thing that was not doable on the iPad. Sometimes a software only available on a computer, sometimes a flash-made web site, sometimes the need to send several attachments with an email (annoying process on an iPad), sometimes just a large document that took a loooooong time to write with the iPad’s keyboard.

That’s mainly why my iPad is basically a book reading device and sometimes an email reading tool while on vacation.

I don’t think the new iPad mini, with its smaller screen, will change the game. For those productivity ninjas who also installed on the iPad all the productivity tools they usually need, I don’t think the new iPad will be of much help. Since I’m pretty sure anyone who is thinking about buying a new iPad is already holding an iPhone, I can say that much of what you accomplish on your iPhone with all the productivity tools is maybe all you need. (some of my favorite iPhone productivity apps are: Things,, RememberTheMilk)

Following the GTD methodology, I think the best action you can take while on the go is to COLLECT. Write whatever comes to mind and therefore populate you Inbox: you will have to review your items at a later stage, very likely in front of your computer. If you’re on the go, you also need to check your to do list or proximity tasks nearby. Same as above: you can do this with your iPhone.

Then, if you have your iPhone to hold your productivity apps and your laptop (OF COURSE, the new iPad cannot replace of your laptop) for everything else, why should you buy an iPad mini?

So if you have any thoughts on this and you want to try to justify my inner voice which is saying “buy, buy, buy…”, please go ahead and post your opinion!