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For a project management, task management, GTD geek like me, the new Mountain Lion’s Reminders app is just not enough. As you may have read from my previous posts, I’m always searching for the perfect project management and task management tool to boost up your productivity and your sharing needs with colleagues and family. And Reminders is not the right tool.



I have to say that one of the most relevant tricks about task management and GTD is to be flexible!
So, if you are flexible enough you can take advantage of the new Mountain Lion app.

Even though I’m still using my favorite – AT THE MOMENT – task management app, asana, Reminders is helping me with several activities and I have to say it serves well. I’m using Reminders for day to day errands and tasks. For example you can use one or two lists with you wife, since they can easily be shared through iCloud.

When you update the list it automatically syncs with the people you have shared the list with. For instance, you can have a common Family list in order to share family tasks. When your wife completes a task it is erased from your list in real time. Another useful list could be the Groceries list. Each member of the family can insert things to buy and can check them off, even if someone else has put them there.

Also, Reminders is very good for geo-localized taks. If you need to remember something when you reach your office or when you get home, fon instance, then Reminders can really help you. You can either put an address that you have on your address book or just type in a specific address. Sometimes I find it useful combined with Siri: while driving you can just say “remind me to buy the milk when I reach the groceries store”.

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, I’ve also found a very interesting app called Agenda, which could be considered as an Apple calendar improvement and it very well integrates with Reminders. So if you look at your working day appointments you will also see the scheduled tasks for that specific day.

Any tip on Reminders best practice?