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What if you are a super hero in project management, task management, GTD and fancy new technologies for managing your work and your team prefers pen, paper and doesn’t know what Getting Things Done is.
I know this can became quite frustrating and make you feel alone on the super organized GTD world with those wonderful tools you paid and you are the only one using.

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Well, there are two things you have to understand:

1. is your team capable of doing great work simply using different methods and tools?

2. did you bring together the right team?

In the first case you’re lucky (kind of..). Not all of us have the passion about optimization, productivity and getting the most from you day and from life. We often work in teams where people have different age and different backgrounds, so it is totally normal to have different habits and approaches to work. Some of you (include me) might think  it is impossible to work without planning your week, your day and all your work using a GTD or similar method. But this is not really true. People have their personal organization habits which may sound a bit old-style for you ,but still work and accomplish all necessary tasks. You just need to get used to it.
Be sure they also need to get used to you!

In the second case I believe your are a bit less lucky.
Of course you can carry out your work as you like. But I think people have to realize that we live in a super-competitive, high-tech world. If you choose to be disorganized, not on time, without productivity in mind and prefer to use paper and pen while many teams use shared project management tools with teams spread across over the world… well, you’ll soon be left behind. And your business will suffer from this sooner or later. So if this is the case, why don’t you think about changing your team?

I would be glad to hear you personal experiences with fighting against un-productive, no-tech people!